Why Ri4u.com as Preferred Software Vendor !!

Why Ri4u.com as preferred software vendor

Ri4u.com offers highly feature rich, flexible, powerful and yet easy to use software solutions for catalog business and exporters. Ri4u.com has distinct edge over competitive solutions (if any) and localized customized software for specific clients - simply for our highly researched product development model as instantly deliverable solution and unique customized solution facilitation through freelancer services. So we cater our clients with fine blend of highly stabilized standalone off the shelf solution at very affordable prices and add-on solution through customization route.

How Does our Software Ensure Quicker ROI

It is just not the stability, features, frequent upgrades about Ri4u.com Software, but they all offers quicker Return on Investment (ROI) for its solutions at unbelievable prices.

(a) Digital Catalog

A Unique software for catalog marketing and interactive presentation at highly affordable price, which ensures extreme ease for both catalog business and its prospect / buyer. Typically a "Catalog Business Enterprise" does spend / invest thousand of dollars in trade exhibitions, tours & travels, entertainment and even sales campaigns; BUT they - then need highly flexible and interactive tool for generating instant presentations (in varied formats to suit client's preferences e.g. HTML Album, PowerPoint run catalog, MS Excel run photo offers / catalogs, MS Word run presentations); customer / trade event specific preparation; complete back office for marketing function; and even presentation / response system which enables prospect / client to respond at ease, quickly and without language barrier. Apart from cost and time saving through Digital Catalog - a Catalog Marketing Software (which are immense), quick response and/or lead conversion itself recovers the entire cost in quick time frame.

  • Presentations at Button Click
  • Reduces Language Barrier
  • Enables Quick Response
  • MS Excel driven Interactive Presentations / Offers
  • Flexible Outputs at Client's Option
  • Few Hours of Working can be Done in Few Minutes

(b) eCatalog

A Powerful software for catalog creation (as multimedia CD catalog creator and ecommerce web catalog creator) saves huge sum for web / CD catalog creation and maintenance. Each instance of web / CD catalog, invariably creates huge dependency upon web designers and very often - is quite a costly exercise for time, money and patience. eCatalog software offers a very flexible and DO-IT-YOURSELF solution for catalog creation at a very affordable price and few CD catalog or even single web site creation exercise recovers its entire cost (of course much more value in terms of time, dependency and business confidentiality).

  • Do-It-Yourself Cataloging
  • Preserve Your Business Confidentiality
  • Remove Dependency from Web Designers
  • Create, Publish and Update Catalogs at Button Click
  • Publish Unlimited Web and CD Catalogs with Unlimited Products
  • Powerful and Useful Catalog Structure for Business Generation

(c) AccuDocs

A Comprehensive export documentation software with integrated inventory management, purchase and sales management saves enormous man time and resources. Our export documentation software, not only creates all shipping, banking and custom related documents at button click; but also enables them to be published in PDF format for easier distribution. Apart from export documentation preparation exercise, it helps in tracking and managing sales orders, inventory levels, procurement and multi currency transactions.

  • Do-It-Yourself Export Documentation
  • Easier Compliance with Export Procedure
  • Create, Publish and Distribute Export Documents at Button Click
  • Inventory Tracking and Procurement Planning Made Easy
  • Handles Letters of Credit related Compliances
  • Track and Plan Your Export Business at Button Click