How does Freelancer Services Help !! 24/7 Help Desk

We at realize the importance of software customization (including add-on features / reports etc) for our prospects / users. Our software may fulfil majority of core framework of the solution, but may still need localization support, templates related assistance and even business practices / industry specific additional features. We, at desire to engage local / freelance (online as well as off line) software programmers and web designers/developers for services. Service buyers will be facilitated for their project / requisition posting on our freelancer portal area. Independent service providers can also join freelancer network and post their bids for the projects. team will closely participate with independent service providers for's software related projects. Client can then select suitable bidder (preferable local one, if required) for its project. We not only assist our clients in installing / operations of the software - but also provide add-on services (paid and/or free) to our clients. introduces an easy to use and cost effective freelancer network with a difference to other freelancer services. Freelancer services is India focused and lists many jobs/projects open to India freelancers / local service providers, however clients from across the globe can use it to source freelancers outside of the India too. Freelancer services works in the following way:

 First, simply post your project (i.e.  your company need a freelance programmer / web developer / designer for a short term project) on our site. We put the word out to freelancers around the world who will view your project and put in a bid to do the work. You will receive email confirmation that bids have been placed on your project You choose the right bidder for the job (you can view their profiles or previous work online)


Quite Easy to work with Freelancer Services specializes in web catalog software and designing services, and does carry unique advantage for any customization related project participation for our industry and functional expertise. There are hundreds of freelancer services, and is unique for the following factors:

  • No Hidden Fee; Optional pricing for featured listing of project, project management

  • Facilitates buyer / client to work with local service provider (if required so)

  • Web based project management for effective communication and lesser hiccups

  • Indian clients and service providers can transact in Indian Rupees (and also through Indian banking channels)

  • Dedicated project related forum / notice board area, if required (client can request for creation of free notice board area, dedicated for project)

(a) Client / Buyer

Once you subscribe to Freelancer Portal as a buyer / client, you will be able to post any projects that you need created/finished/etc in the appropriate category. Freelancers / Service provider will them have a certain amount of time (which you choose) to post a bid on the project. Once the date has elapsed (or you have closed the project) you will select the winning bidder. Once the winning bidder is chosen, you will both be notified via an email and a private message. From then on you and the service provider will work together to accomplish your task. After the task has been completed, you will be asked to rate the freelancer’s (1-5 stars) and leave any comments that you deem necessary.

  • 100% free to join and post projects.

  • To list your project with us costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time.

  • Option to select local service provider for convenience / comfort level (unlike most freelancer network)

  • Optional value added services by for project requisition analysis and management (it will help you in budgeting, time line planning and project monitoring)

  • Free project management module (self service) for project status / task tracking

  • Payment by cheque payable in India or other modes like PayPal, wire transfer

  • If you are time-strapped, you can supply us with the job/project details and we can post the job/project on your behalf. Once again, this service is at no cost to yourselves. Please do not have any of your contact details showing as Freelancers may try to contact you directly rather than via our site.

(b) Service Providers (freelancers / local service providers)

Once you subscribe to Freelancer Portal as a freelancer / service provider, you will be able to post bids on any open project listed in the Freelancer Portal. Once the winning bidder has been chosen, you will be notified via an email and a private message. From then on you and the buyer / client will work together to accomplish your task. After the project has been completed, the buyer will be asked to rate you and leave any comments that he/she deems necessary. Those comments and ratings will be viewable my all members in your profile. You will also have the option of paying a $10.00/month (per requested category) fee to be listed as a featured freelancer in your requested categories.

  • Free listing as service providers along with your profile

  • Extensive support for's software customization works

  • Easy to find suitable projects for large client base of software and web services

  • Unlike most freelancer network services, we encourage localized service providers to actively participate and solicit business with local clients. It helps both clients as well as service provider for better comfort.

  • 24/7 web based project management, wherein client also participates with project team. This helps in clearer communication and project specifications

  • Payment by cheque payable in India or other modes like PayPal, wire transfer

(c) Fee Structure

  • 100% free to join and post projects for clients / buyers

  • 100% free to join and post bids for freelancers / service providers

  • US$ 2.00 for featured project listing

  • 2% from service provider / freelancer bid sum, upon payable

  • 10% of the bonus fee, if project receivable exceeds from bid sum (fee charged to service provider / freelancer)

  • Financial charges (actual banking charges on wire transfer, inward or outward remittances, PayPal charges etc)

  • Money withdrawal related processing / administrative charges (in addition to financial charges above) - PayPal US$ 3.00; Cheque payable in India US$ 3.00; Wire processing charges US$ 3.00; Online funds transfer US$ 3.00 (if transfer to IDBI bank)

  • Financial and administrative charges will be non-refundable


In addition to detailed legal policy, privacy policy and terms & conditions. please note that - (or its network) does not accept listings from agencies for either clients or service providers. Any such listings will be removed. The web site accepts no responsibility for the accurateness of any of the listings, it merely acts as a notice board., its Freelancer Portal and its employees can NOT be held responsible for any billing issues.