Ri4u.com Seeks Resellers !!

Ri4u.com seeks reseller

We proactively seek partners to help us offer their customers the highest ROI on their IT investments. Building long lasting partners are key to our success. That's why, we've invested generously in our partnering programs—creating opportunities for partners to increase revenue opportunities, lower the cost of doing business, get solutions to market faster, and expand business networks. Our Partner Programs give you the flexibility to choose the level of engagement with us that best supports your business needs. Online software marketing entrepreneurs, offline software marketing companies, online shareware portals, web designers, catalog service providers, trade leads portal, business directories, business newsgroups moderators, business service providers (relating to our software prospects) etc can join our partner program.

We have the following partner program:

a. Marketing Partner Program: It is specially designed for business service providers to catalog business and/or exporters segment. Revenue sharing (5% - 15%). For example - web designers, who are well connected community with catalog business / exporters. They may join our program and introduce our software to their clients. So essentially, without spending much energy / time / money, business service providers can make money from their existing client or prospect base.

b. Industry Association Program: It is specially designed for industry / trade associations to catalog business and/or exporters segment. We propose revenue sharing / discounts (10% - 25%). In this program, we can also assist them by building their industry / region specific B2B trade lead web portal for special benefits to their members.

c. Direct Reseller Program: It is specially designed for reseller program for software marketing companies for specific territories and/or vertical markets. We offer revenue sharing / discounts (15% - 40%) depending upon after sale support arrangements. For the specific target markets, our products are quite quick and easy to sell and do have minimum after sale requirement for our software flexibility and stability.

Should you be interested in our partner program, please contact us (our email id - webmaster at ri4u.com) with the following details -

- Your company profile (individuals or new entrepreneurs may write with their personal profile)
- Your contact details - tel nos / mobile nos / postal address
- Target Market (geography and specific catalog business in your territory)
- Your comments on Ri4u software products
- Brief note on competitive products in your target market (competitor details including their products, product pricings, their strength, web address)
- Proposed commencement schedule

Our business development team evaluate your proposal; And will also assist you in structuring partner relationship & business plan.

How does our partner program work !!

It is just not only quick & easy to sell about Ri4u.com Software, but they also do not warrant  much after sale support (except one / two training sessions) for stability of the software program.

Once our business development team has structured mutually beneficial partner relationship, we sign partner / reseller agreement with you - with explicit clarity on our mutual roles, procedures, mutual obligations, special campaigns and discount / revenue sharing structure.


(a) Comprehensive Selling Kit and Assistance

Our business development team will work closely to facilitate you - digital documents for product fact sheets, sales presentation documents in PowerPoint; software download links for demonstration purpose. Our support team also assist you (and/or your team members) in understanding the software and if required - we also provide training to your sales team at our site. We work very closely with you for best possible results.

  • Specific campaigns for your markets
  • 24/7 help desk
  • Detailed FAQ and discussion forums for knowledgebase
  • Digital documents structured to suit your sales plan
  • Extensive software help manuals
  • Assistance for email campaigns

(b) Web based Customer Relationship and Sales Management Process

We have implemented web based services at ri4u.com (and/or at http://www.ri4u.co.in) for CRM, bug tracking, project management.

  • Web based sales process management
  • Web based sales campaign management
  • Online sales order and invoicing
  • Manage / track sales team
  • Online availability of updated documents, utilities and installer
  • Web based issue tracking and sales tracking to avoid conflicts

(c) Standard Operating Procedure

-Reseller will be pursuing its marketing task in target market (e.g. sales campaign, demos, sales follow-ups etc)
-Close co ordination with your sales team for customer specific queries
-Each reseller will be accessing sales resources from reseller zone and will be required to provide sales calls and customer calls related tasks in online CRM. Since multiple resellers / channels may operate in specific territory, it is very critical to post sales leads into online CRM to avoid conflicts amongst resellers / partners.
-Online support desk to provide 24/7 support to resellers and customers / prospects ( through Help Desk on ri4u.com) and if required, telephonic support.
-In the event, prospect contacts our sales desk directly, we will refer them to respective partners (for that specific territory)
-Upon conclusion of sales, sales invoice will be provided by us or reseller (depending upon our partner contract, as mutually agreed) and Upon receipt of payment from client, the registration key will be issued. The other free services, if applicable (e.g. theme designing, web hosting etc) will be provided directly by our support team, in due course.
-Free upgrades of software products are advised by us to all customers. They may download it from ri4u.com and can obtain necessary registration keys from our sales desk.
-Payment of Selling Commission : Unless otherwise agreed, sales commission is settled by us to our partners every Monday, through deposit of payment directly into their bank accounts (preferably IDBI / ICICI).