How can Digital Catalog Software Help Your Business

Most catalog business do spend their marketing budgets for trade fair participation, direct selling through visiting target markets, email campaigns and web promotions. Digital Catalog facilitates easier, effective and organized catalog marketing process.

Catalog Marketing is often ignored and challenged for variety of reasons – including but not limiting to the basic understanding of the term “marketing itself”. Marketing is much broader than mere sales leads generation and/or selling. It also includes efficient handling of existing customers (and/or new prospects) and enabling customers / prospects also to respond faster. Very often, this not only requires “ONE TIME” presentation / interactive offer generation – which many software claims to be facilitating. We, look much beyond than this. Our software not only facilitates efficient back office management and interactive presentation, but also enables your customers / prospects to respond to you faster.

Internet B2B trade lead portal, trade exhibition, customer’s visits and visit by marketing team etc makes the entire process repetitive and cumbersome. After spending lots of money in these process is less productive, if these are not handled / managed with automation and presentation tool.

  • organized marketing tool with effective back office management

  • effective catalog presentations (including sales quotation / offer with product graphics, customer specific album, vendor order, sales presentation, email campaign etc) making at button click

  • publish catalog presentations in MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, HTML, PDF

  • easier for your customer / prospect to select, shortlist, review the products and place the order OR to seek digital presentations in various convenient documents

  • Sales presentations / offers created using Digital Catalog facilitates your customer to respond back without much effort and it is highly convenient for them to view / review compared to conventional emails with attachment graphics. This essentially fastens sales lead response cycle.

  • Reduces language barrier in sales presentations / offer documents


With Digital Catalog, your business can create its catalog presentation (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint) and/or multimedia CD album at button click in few simple steps:

  • Build your product data (products, graphics and contents); also quick update through MS Excel
  • Finalize your theme once (MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint templates can also be customized and applied)
  • Select products for presentation (through powered wizard), prepare photo offer / quotation, vendor order, customer / event specific album and click the button to publish it
  • Customizable design / layout setting to suit industry practices and/or enterprise needs.

It is highly suitable catalog marketing software for a business enterprise engaged in Catalog Driven Business (e.g. Apparel Catalog, Jewelry Catalog, Textile Catalog, Carpet Catalog, Ceramic Catalog, Leather Catalog, Furniture Catalog, Home Furnishing Catalog, Crafts Catalog, Antiques Catalog, Fashion Catalog, Lingerie Catalog, Toy Catalog, Gifts & Novelties Catalog, Precious Stones Catalog, Stone & Marbles Catalog etc). Most business enterprises who use business catalog for their product presentation, now can depend upon Digital Catalog for quick, customized and highly objective catalog marketing presentation to fetch higher sales.

About digital Catalog Software

Unlike most Digital cataloging software or Digital Marketing Solutions, it focuses on critical business needs, digital marketing issues, typical business process for catalog driven sales, interactive customer presentation, sales lead handling and easier back office function to save enormous time, resources and money. User can customize and configure catalog contents, theme and design setting to suit its industry and campaign. Digital Catalog (Professional) (digital catalog and digital marketing Software) is an ideal tool for an enterprise to - manage catalog products contents, build interactive & distributable presentations, plan & prepare for customer sale meetings & presentations, track sales leads, make quotations etc; for effective management of catalog business (e.g. textile catalog, furniture catalog, craft catalog, jewelry catalog, apparel catalog, leather bags catalog, ceramic catalog, home furnishing catalog, fashion catalog, cosmetic catalog, industrial machinery catalog, coins catalog, collectors catalog, antique catalog, handicraft catalog, diamond jewelry catalog, carpet catalog)

Digital Catalog (Professional) now also facilitates preparation of entire sales presentation, customer quotation in MS Excel File (facilitating easier editing and/or distribution) - including product contents, graphic, customer response sheet.

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Price -  Indian Rupees 12,500 (USD 280)

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Once you have downloaded and install, login into the program in secured mode with user id / password as admin / admin

Please also download the patch files and replace them in respective program folder (C Drive - Program Files - Ri4u - Digital Catalog)


Software has following core facilities / functional groups:

a. catalog contents and graphics management
  • Create unlimited collection group / sub groups for easier navigation
  • Supports graphic formats( jpeg/ gif/ png/ bmp/ psd/ tiff) for catalog products insertion
  • Insert unlimited catalog items on the fly; including bulk insertion
  • Customize catalog contents to suit industry and campaign needs
  • Product / packing dimensions and volume computation
  • Configure your graphic settings to suit transparent gif files
  • Flexible and powerful catalog item selection process for catalog
  • Easy catalog management
  • Additional multiple graphics (closeouts etc) for a catalog item for effective catalog
  • Special magnified graphic viewing to suit specific business needs
  • Powerful thumbnail viewer
  • Search keywords driven power search in program
  • Powerful graphic content recovery for corrupted files and easy back up system

b. catalog marketing and presentation management

  • Create sales quotation on the fly and publish them in MS Excel with graphics
  • Print catalog in MS Word (and also then can print to PDF document) at button click
  • Publish catalog slide show presentations in MS PowerPoint at button click
  • Prepare customer / event (e.g. trade shows etc) specific catalog selection with customer / event specific prices; Use it for quick display and /or publish into CD, MS Word, MS PowerPoint or MS Excel
  • Manage, prepare and track customer specific offers / quotation
  • Manage, prepare and track vendor specific orders
  • Sales campaign preparation from your catalog contents
  • Powerful virtual viewer for your prospect / customer to visualize the multiple products as one kit / set
  • Catalog captions language can be configured to suit industry / enterprise
  • Catalog presentations have powerful response system, which enables your prospect to respond without writing too much
  • Catalog response system is easy for non english customers / prospects to respond.

c. Catalog designing, creation and maintenance

  • Flexible and powerful catalog item selection process for catalog creation
  • Customized design setting for catalog (for thumbnail view, catalog item detail page etc)
  • Integrate customized catalog theme for MS Excel / MS PowerPoint / MS Word / HTML
  • Quickly retrieve, edit and rebuild existing catalog presentation, sales offer, vendor order and/or customer/event specific album
  • Create unlimited catalog presentations with different products, design settings and theme

d. customer / event specific catalog presentations publishing into multimedia CD catalog

  • Create web storefront and ecommerce enabled catalog- for your catalog to generate online business
  • Catalog Building without any language barrier (user can make catalog in Non English language as well)
  • Collection group / sub group driven cataloging for easier navigation
  • Additional multiple graphics (closeouts etc) for a catalog item for effective catalog
  • Special magnified graphic viewing to suit specific business needs
  • Quick building of web catalog and multimedia CD catalog at button click
  • Search Keywords driven power search in published catalog
  • Publish catalog as web catalog, multimedia CD catalog
  • Multimedia CD brochure with Auto run CD
  • Configure catalog contents to be displayed at thumbnail view and catalog item detail page in published catalog
  • Built in slideshow viewer for catalog presentation
  • Selection basket to facilitate easier selection by catalog viewer for further communication; ecommerce enabled shopping cart integration