How can accudocs Software Help exporters

Most export business requires powered export documentation preparation with complete purchase, sales and inventory process. Each such exercise warrants endless follow ups and multiple inputs. And in case - they are exporting under different company titles (but have centralized purchase or export function), the export documentation process and inventory management is all the more complex. AccuDocs software is a comprehensive export documentation software with complete inventory / purchase process.

  • easier navigation and accessibility through separate registers for exports, sales order, purchase, purchase order, inventory, customer, supplier etc

  • No need to multiple data input. Same data can be used for entire process (e.g. from quotation to sales order to export documentation; sales order to purchase order to purchase etc)

  • power search and filtering for each transaction register

  • easier for management to track transactions and pending issues; inventory levels even from sales orders.

  • comprehensive export documentation with facility to publish / print / Export them in PDF / MS Word for easier digital delivery

  • separate data input window of common data for an export documentation set

With AccuDocs (Export Documentation Software) - management / staff can seamlessly  create, track, manage and prepare quotation, sales order, purchase order, export documents etc in few simple steps. In addition to these facilities,  AccuDocs (Export Documentation Software) also facilitates:

  • Product content / attribute management (including measurement, weight etc related computation)
  • Multiple currency and exchange rate management; and auto update of prices with updates in respective exchange rate
  • Multiple pricing for each unit of measurement along with inventory related auto computations
  • Power reports


About accudocs Software

AccuDocs (Export Documentation Software) is a comprehensive and user friendly export documentation software with complete purchase, sales and inventory process management. Unlike most other export documentation software, AccuDocs has inventory related entire process management built-in for efficient business process management.

Unlike most export documents software - supports customized documents to suit exporter's industry practices and regulatory needs.

It has multiple formats for invoicing, packing list and many other documents for industry / business practice convenience.  User driven security and highly customizable options makes it a very friendly and easy to use software.

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Price -  Indian Rupees 17,500 (USD 399.99)

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Once you have downloaded installer and installed it on your system, please also download upgrade patch files and replace them in program folder.

Login into the program in secured mode with user id / password as admin / admin

Additional documents and/or customization support available (at additional cost)


Software has three core facilities / functional groups:

a. Core Structure
  • Create unlimited products with respective category structure
  • Powerful product content / attribute management along with graphics
  • Manage unit of measurement, weight, multiple prices for each UOM
  • Powerful transactions registers for easier navigation (e.g. sales order register, purchase order register etc) with power search and filters
  • Export documentation input data in single MS Excel file for verification and/or approval
  • Multiple currency support with exchange rate management
  • Common data have centralized master inputs
  • Quick utilities for measurements conversion
  • Power reports including label printing
  • Customizable configuration setting for input forms and documentation reports
  • Publish document in PDF view, Snap Shot View, MS Word View; Publish and email documents as PDF file
  • Optional multi company and multi user (and security setting)/li>
  • Customizable user phrases for each document
  • Quick printing of entire export documentation set at single button click
  • Supports both containerized and bulk cargo

b. Sales, Purchase, Inventory and Export Process Management

  • Complete business process management for sales - customer data, customer default data for documentation, sales quotation, sales order, export invoice and related export documentation management
  • Complete business process management for purchase - vendor data, customer default data, purchase order, purchase bill, purchase return management
  • Flexible inventory management with power features like product assembly, product serialization, inventory tracking, mulitple warehouses, product batch / lots
  • Comprehensive export documentation with multiple templates for invoice / packing list to suit your business practices
  • Packing list supports part packing, shut out and reconciliation
  • Track sales order, purchase order, payment status
  • Letters of credit related management and tracking

c. Export and Shipping Documentation List (in alphabetical order)

  • Air Waybill
  • Bank Covering Letter
  • Bank Draft (Bill of Exchange) (Available Formats-5)
  • Bank Realization Certificate
  • Bill for Collection
  • (Truck )Bill of Lading(CA)
  • (Truck) Bill of Lading(US)
  • (Inland) Bill of Lading
  • (Ocean)Bill of Lading (Available Formats-2)
  • Bill of Lading Instructions
  • Bill of Lading - Dock Receipt
  • Blanket Packing Declaration
  • Caricom Certificate
  • Caricom Invoice format (Available Formats-2)
  • Certificate of Conformity
  • Certificate of Manufacture
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Israeli Certificate of Origin
  • Certificate of Origin (Long Form)
  • Certificate of Origin (Short Form)
  • Certificate of Warranty
  • Chile Free Trade Agreement (Mix)
  • Combination Certificate of Origin and Invoice
  • Commercial Invoice Format (Available Formats-15)
  • Commercial Invoice - Spanish
  • Customs Invoice (Canadian)
  • Customs Invoice (US)
  • Dangerous Goods IATA
  • Dangerous Goods IMO Format
  • Dock Receipt (Ocean)
  • Dock Receipt (Bill of Lading)
  • NAFTA Certificate
  • NAFTA Certificate-Spanish
  • NAFTA Certificate-French
  • Non-Dangerous Goods (Available Formats-2)
  • Not Restricted Certificate (Available Formats-2)
  • Packing List (Available Formats-18)
  • ProForma Invoice (Available Formats-4)
  • Radiation Declaration
  • Security Endorsement
  • Shipment Log
  • Shipper's Export Declaration
  • Shipper Letter of Instruction (Available Formats-3)
  • SLI - SED Format
  • Test Quality Certificate
  • Textile Declaration from Single Country
  • Textile Declaration Multiple Country
  • Toxic Substances Control Act
  • Worksheet (Shipping Instructions)